6th International Conference on
Organic Solvent Nanofiltration
Saint Petersburg, Russia, 04-06.06.2017

Conference program (ver. 29.05.2017)


Sunday, June 04
17:30 – Registration
18:30 – Social program (meet at the lobby for boat trip) followed by welcome reception at the conference venue

Monday, June 05
08:30-08:50 – Opening ceremony
08:50-18:00 – Conference (oral+poster presentations, lunch and two coffee breaks)
18:30-23:00 – Social program followed by conference dinner

Tuesday, June 06
08:30-16:50 – Conference (oral+poster presentations, lunch and two coffee breaks)
16:50-17:05 – Closing ceremony


The conference program will be divided in the sessions of half a day, each starting with a keynote lecture. We are glad to announce the confirmed invited speakers and their talks at the OSN2017 conference.


Prof. Andrew Livingston, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Director of the Barrer Centre at Imperial College London (United Kingdom), will present in his talk "Stability, Selectivity or Permeance - Where to for OSN?" research from his group into new membrane materials for OSN and describe approaches they have taken to enhance membrane stability, selectivity, and permeance. In the context of potential organic process production platforms that utilize OSN, the merits of these three characteristics will be introduced, and their relative importance commented on for the OSN research community.


Prof. Ivo Vankelecom, Full Professor at the Centre for Surface Chemistry and Catalysis at KU Leuven (Belgium), will share some of the last achievements of his group on the development of new membranes for solvent resistant nanofiltration in his presentation "Novel concepts in interfacial polymerization to prepare SRNF-membranes". Novel chemistries will be presented that lead to chemically more robust membrane materials. In addition, changes to the ways the organic/water system is used to prepare interfacially polymerised membranes will be reported, leading to increased performances and easier, more sustainable membrane fabrication. The membranes were screened in a variety of feeds containing harsh solvents and in extreme pH-conditions.  


Dr. Anita Buekenhoudt, Team Leader at VITO (Belgium), will talk about inorganic membranes for OSN in her invited lecture entitled "Tailored ceramic membranes fit for varied OSN applications, and promoting new insights in the OSN process". Some years ago, the team at VITO developed an innovative and flexible grafting technology for ceramic membranes based on Grignard chemistry. The presentation will handle the varied application potential of the Grignard grafted membranes. Good performance results from increased membrane-solvent, or membrane-solute affinities. Testimonies from lab to pilot scale will be included. The talk will also clarify how using membranes varying only in their surface chemistries, helps to unravel the complex OSN process.


Dr. Christian Schnitzer from the company Evonik (Germany) will be discussing potentially interesting applications for OSN technology from various industry segments in his presentation "OSN - New Unit Operation on the Rise". A key topic of his presentation will be the current state of OSN as a unit operation and the response from the market to the new technology. He will describe the typical project lifetime of OSN evaluation projects in the industry and share some reference applications where OSN could be applied. A short overview about the membrane portfolio of Evonik and opportunities for tailored membrane solutions for select applications will also be part of his presentation, providing food for thought for membrane researchers and process owners.